Now when you pedal –
I want you to think about a straight line. A straight line that stretches out to infinity. And your wheel is locked to that line.
That line is gonna keep you safe. That line is gonna take you forward; and it’s gonna bring you back again.
Trust the line. Trust your feet on the pedals. And one more thing:
Just trust me.

“[An] inspired riff on Orpheus and Eurydice, [plus a] stage full of bicycles. [A] genuine charmer … Lovely, smart, heartbreaking.” – Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun-Times

Ora and Eddie fell in love with Chicago on their bikes. But when Eddie is hit by a car and killed, Ora refuses to let him go. Instead, she rides beneath our city to bring him back, facing off against underworld gods and ghosts – some interested in helping her, some determined to get in her way. Chicago culture skitches off of Greek, African, and Chinese mythology, sparking a spirited mash-up of underworld and after-life as seen from the seats of fixies, BMX’s and ten-speeds.

World premiere, Buzz22 Chicago, 2014