“[Jacqmin’s work] touches on group dynamics, professional ethics, upper-middle-class anxiety, the human desire for connection and, I suspect, the disappointments of the Obama administration. If it sounds as though I’m projecting too much onto [it], you haven’t seen how clever and nuanced her chosen metaphor proves … The ability of this skilled young playwright to find moments of humanity in a seemingly sterile environment will give you plenty to chew on.” – TimeOut Chicago

“A writer with a skilled touch and a fine observer’s eye for human behavior.” – Chicago Tribune

“Jacqmin has a gift for barbed, realistic, character-defining and plot-enhancing dialogue.” – Chicago Theater Beat

“[Jacqmin’s] deftly structured dialogue provokes laughter not only with funny, oddball ideas but with a sly use of rhythm.” – Chicago Reader

“Raw and intimate, [Jacqmin’s play] does everything right.” – 89.3 WFPL

“Tough, wonderful.” – New City Chicago

“Tight and illuminating.” – Louisville Courier-Journal

“Whip smart, crackerjack dialogue, crafted with humor, pain and precision by playwright Laura Jacqmin leaves you wanting more. I wouldn’t have left my seat to use the restroom if my very life depended on it.” – EDGE Chicago

“Crackling drama with hearts, smart and a whole lot of barbed humor.” – Pioneer Press

“[Jacqmin’s play] pulls out the microscope, to examine small-bore lives with compassion and detail. … There’s not a false moment in this drama. … It’s a testament to the depth of feeling in her writing — and the sensitive direction of Hal Brooks — that the play drew exceptionally good performances.” – New York Times

“Challenges our values in a funny and often bizarrely frightening way.” – Middletown Press

“So layered and complex, so modern and relatable, and packed with a cornucopia of emotional experience.” – EDGE Chicago

“Fun and sweet and painful and thrilling all at once.” – Chicago Theater Beat

“I love Jacqmin’s writing. [Filled with] unsentimental wit, verbal precision, [and a] willingness to engage ambiguity.” – Chicago Reader

“Surprisingly funny – yet still emotionally devastating.” – Chicago Stage Standard

“A young writer with a strong vision [and] a powerful sense of metaphor.” – Chicago Tribune

“Madcap [and] ambitious.” – New City Chicago

“An invigorating and savvy voice in the American theatre.” – Santa Barbara Independent

“Detail is something Jacqmin and her characters have an exquisite grasp on.”- TimeOut Chicago